Disrespectful! US Lunar Flag Toppled by Meteor

Today is a sad one for all you red-white and blue-blooded patriots and compatriots of the patriotic persuasion. As you might have gathered from your exemplary Common-Core-instilled context clue finding skills, the FLAG on the MOON that we PUT there when we WENT there has FALLEN OVER. WE AT MOONSPLAIN WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!
Photo credit: Moonsplain resident photography intern Gruce Garlic

Speaking in his peaked nightcap and long flowing gown and rubbing the crud from his watery blue eyes, Secretary of Lunar Affairs Johannes Wodkoff broke the news at a 3:15AM press-conference, unleashing pandemonium among the graveyard shift correspondents. According to the DLA, the impact occurred at 22:18 EST, (43:691:2 Lunar Time), triggering what had been our most silent but attended "flag alarm"

Wodkoff, in his statement, detailed the impact. A meteor "approximately the size of a bocce ball or a big ol' baked potato" careened recklessly into the flag's base-pole, denting it as it knocked the flag, our stars and/or stripes to the serene dusty surface of our one moon.

"It is important to note," continued Wodkoff, "that at no point did the meteor display proper adherence to the flag code. It made no attempt to fold the radiation-bleached banner into the requisite large triangle. Make no mistake, my subjects: this is an act of war."

We here at Moonsplain wholeheartedly agree, and do hereby declare war on meteors and encourage our readers to fire into the air during any of their unclean "showers," inhibit their dull "exhibits" and mock their boastful "property of being more meaty".

When we reached out via email, the moon did not offer comment on this betrayal.